A Note About My Goodreads’ Reviews

… she could hear the gold pick up the music of the dragon’s name … she could identify every piece of gold within that enormous chamber by its separate sounding” from Dragonsbane by Barbara Hambly (official fan page and author blog).

Books are dragon’s gold to me.

Although I’m working hard to catalog and sift through my books, I am distracted by those I want to re-read, those I don’t remember reading and must read, and those that lead me to more loverly have-to-reads.

NOTE: Because I don’t know which of my reviews would not fall within Goodreads’ new Amazon-mandated standards, as of January 1, 2015, all of my reviews will be mirrored on my blog Solitary.

That said, I agree that in general book reviews should be about books. Oftentimes books are an extension of an author. Books are influential. Authors must take responsibility for that. Reviewers and readers are the ones who must hold authors to that ideal. But we must do it thoughtfully and intelligently.  Scatological and personal attacks on authors are unforgivable, but any censorship is frightening in its possibilities for misuse.

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