BOOK REVIEW: The Mortal Instruments – City of Bones

city of bonesHarlequin Romance for (makes finger quotes in air to show disdain for the term) “young” “adults”.

Or maybe you didn’t see it coming so it’s a

This book has it all! Mom with mysterious past! Vampires! Werewolves! Fallen Angels! Warfare between super secret super naturals! It’s Star Wars with the whole “Luke! I am your father. And by the way, she’s your sister” thing going on. It’s Harry Potter only with hormone rampant teenagers. It’s LotR-the-movie with hot young elven-types. It’s Monty Python and the Holy Grail! There’s even a pitch to the LGBT bi-curious contingent. And don’t forget the boy-next-door who gets hot when he takes off his glasses (Go Buffy!) Is there ANY cliché Cassandra Clare did not toss into the mix?

And just who ARE these “young” “adults” for whom this is targeted. The teenagers I’ve known are much smarter than this.

I’m just gonna finish this one and forget the rest of the series. And probably not see the movie.

As a note of interest, The Mortal Instruments series is a reworking of Cassandra Clare’s Harry Potter fanfic The Draco Trilogy (published as Cassandra Claire). Internet readers documented and reported instances of plagiarism committed by Clare, charging she lifted entire passages from movies, television shows, and books. The moderators of FanFiction.Net investigated, found that Cassandra Claire had plagiarized, and deleted her account. Clare has repeatedly denied charges of plagiarism, stating that she “borrowed quotes, and quite intentionally paraphrased … and was quite clear in stating that I was doing so.”

I dunno. I read it. She copied. If I’d been her teacher, she would have failed.



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