It Won’t End Unless You Stop It

We live in a culture where lip-service is given to kindness, But people are actually rewarded for brutal one–upmanship, for crude criticism disguised as commentary, for verbal bullying on talk shows and Survivor-type competitions.

We all face bullying. It doesn’t end after high-school. Children who bully become adults who bully – their coworkers, employees, and families.

Today, as I was walking my dachshund, I passed a man. He looked at me and said “You’re a fat little pig aren’t you?” then he grinned and said “I was talking about your dog.” He was still grinning as he walked away.

I really needed to hear Jennifer Livingston’s commentary today. Thank you, SimplyAbundant, for posting. nth-news-anchor-responds-fat-shaming-e mail-air

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