9/23/2012 ~ 0-4 Miles Tour by Ranger Jewel

You can use the Location Tracker at the Eowyn’s Challenge Website to track your mileage yourself.


Congratulations on joining our quest! It is about 458 miles to Rivendell, but what an exciting journey it will be! We’ll give you plenty of information along the way so you know where you are and we’ll point out lots of smaller goals to work toward as well.

Samwise Gamgee, Frodo Baggins and Peregrine Took started out from Bag End on the evening of September 23. It was a fine, early fall night in the Shire and they took advantage of the great walking weather; they walked 18 miles that first evening!

For these first five miles, we’ll leave Bag End and travel west around The Hill. We’ll be following a country lane for a bit, then we’ll follow the hobbits as they “…took quietly to the fields…” They traveled parallel to The Water for a while, hiking “…in single file along the hedgerows and borders of coppices…”

Can’t you smell that wonderful Autumn smell in the air and hear the crunch of your feet on the leaves that are beginning to fall?

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