Daily Joy

HELSDOTTIR, one of my SparkPeople friends has on her SparkPage that she is “Doing my best to violate the fifth law of thermodynamics.”

Not knowing what that was, I looked it up.

 Proposed Fifth Law of Thermodynamics

“Entropy is what is probable in general systems theory, but existence is not what is probable, it is what is possible, it is what is left after that which would be lost, is lost. “

Way cool. Check her out.

NIGHTVIXEN wrote about problems she was having with binge eating at night. I wrote back:

I have the same problem with late night eating. Even if I’ve eaten well all day and am not hungry, I want to sit here at the computer and nibble. For me, going to bed early doesn’t help. I wake up thinking about food and make a  trip to the kitchen for a bit, a bite, a spoonful of anything. I’m using a couple of strategies to help me get through it, though I don’t know how helpful they’d be to anyone else.

I come here to SparkPeople and Huddle all my teams, update my status with my cravings, and/or write in my blog. I’m more honest here probably than anywhere else because 1) my family and friends (‘cepting sparkies) can’t see what I am really feeling and 2) You guy understand.

I keep a toothbrush at my desk (I know … ewwwwwwww) and dry brush my teeth when I want to chew something. Upside … clean teeth. Downside … people think its really weird.

I fix myself something complicated to drink. Like tea: boil the water, wash the pot and heat it with the boiling water, boil some more water, measure the tea, let it steep, cool to drinkability, prepare a second pot, strain the tea into another pot, find a tray, put the cloth, teapot and nice cup and saucer on the tray – its almost like cooking.

Write. Write. Write. Doesn’t have to make sense. Doesn’t have to be spelled and punctuated correctly. I write my anger, frustration and fear out.

Glad you’re still trying!

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