Private Bitching

I’m trying not say anything stupid, that’s all. Sometimes I want to just scream at people. I’m going along all serious on something I am passionate about and someone will just fucking quash me with some offhand remark they think is just brilliant.

Talking about how Americans haven’t been attacked on our soil and look at the Blitz and the wars in Europe and ….

Except for the War of 1812.

WTF? The War of 1812?!? What has that got to do with modern Americans? Perhaps I should have said “within living memory” but I made an Ass out of Me and U by Assuming you would take what I had to say seriously.

Oh get down off your fucking high horse.

My high horse? What the hell has the War of 1812 got to do with anything.

I was just qualifying.

No wonder I’m a fucking basket case.

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