Daily Joy

Ya’ll probably figured out I’m using SparkPeople and TOPS. I’m trying to remember to cross-post what I write there to this blog. Finding things on SparkPeople can be difficult and if you’re not a member you won’t see it anyway.

There is a daily food tracker to which I’ve added a “Vitamins” meal to remind me to take my vitamins, allergy pill, fish oil supplements, etc. daily.

My SPF (SparkPeople Friend) STILLFLYIN posted that she was going to have her cholesterol checked. I replied

 Super!  We all need to remember to take care of ourselves. I went to a health fair last  week and got all my levels checked for free. I’m doing okay except for a  slightly elevated BP and cholesterol. Also, she says as she squints at the  screen, I need new glasses.

For the record, my blood sugar was either 115  or 94 (had it tested about 45 minutes apart – one by glucose strip, the other at a lab), my blood pressure 154/72, I’m well oxygenated at 94% , and my cholesterol is 222. My distance sight with glasses is 20/50 and my near sight without glasses is also 20/50; the eye pressure is R13/L15. Healthy as the proverbial horse.

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