I was doing a project on finding a Goddess to represent the things I dislike most about myself:  my vindictiveness and selfishness. I researched to find a Goddess but kept coming back to Medusa.

Vengeful angry goddesses – Kali, Demeter, Hera
Dependent goddesses – Demeter, Hera, Isis

Then I started looking for images of bitter angry women. I found some but also was drawn to a particular image of Medusa. There is such pain and sorrow and anger and despair in the image.

As I worked on what became a collage, I felt so sorry for Her, She was in so much pain. I felt such a tenderness towards that hurt and sad Goddess who lashed out at everything around Her until she had driven away everything She loved. When the mirror was turned on Her and She saw what She had become, She became stone. But I have to believe that She broke free of the stone, reborn to the loving girl and woman she had once been.

I have to believe this because I am Medusa.

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  1. A. Chronometrist said,

    August 6, 2010 at 12:40 AM

    No you’re not! Even cute little fluffy-bunnies have a dark side. YOU are a complex individual with many sides including a dark one, quite unlike the unidimensional simpletons who are always comfortable in their skins. 😉


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