How to Prepare for Meditation.3

Well, that was interesting.

When last we met, I was preparing to drive for 1.5 hours to meditate. Things started well.

I only changed clothes twice before deciding that capris and a loose T-shirt were a better choice than the gauze top and full cotton skirt I was going to wear. I found two crescent moon earrings from different sets and decided that wearing them together would show a certain disregard for conformity. They both pointed in the same direction so I had to find my needle nosed pliers and switch one of them around. I wore the besom charm necklace that most people thought was a quidditch broom and marked me as another adult with teen fantasies. There was brief moment of panic when I couldn’t find my mala, but a careful retracing of steps led me to the particular pile where it resided.

I left a carefully worded note that I was attending a class, dinner was in the fridge, the pets had been fed, and I’d be back about 10 pm. The Dakota was ready to roll so I hopped in and headed out to I-85 right on time. The drive was only 48 miles according to Google maps and should take about an hour, so I was leaving about an hour and a half before the meditation session was scheduled to start.

The Dakota and I feel very comfortable driving 45 miles an hour and on the smaller highways I just smile and wave with all fingers at those annoyed by this. The interstate is a different experience all together. The Dakota shifts into a higher gear, wind gets under the bed liner and rattles as the truck picks up speed, the wheels vibrate and shake. I turn up DaveFM, clench the steering wheel, point the hood between the lines and trust the universe and the Dakota to get me where I’m going.

The truck vibrated, rattled, and shook worse than usual but as this was Atlanta and I-85 I just put it down to the road conditions and tooled merrily along at 70mph, singing badly with the radio and feeling pretty pleased with myself.

People say that in life-or-death moments, time slows down and things seem clear. Well, in retrospect perhaps. But when my driver side front tire blew out at 70 mph, three lanes from the right shoulder just as 316 merged into I-85 ~ things moved way too fast. Its one of those things where later you don’t know how you managed to do what you did so calmly.

When the tire blew, I did all the right things instinctively. I controlled the car, put on the turn signal to cross all the lanes to the right, and came safely to a stop in the gore between the merge lanes. I stepped out of the truck to examine the damage. Because the oil light had been coming on lately and oil leakage was at an all time high, I was afraid the engine had blown. Realizing it was a tire, I was very happy I had left the spare in the back. The tire was destroyed, completely shredded. A portion of the trim around the wheel well was hanging off.

I was on the phone calling for help when a car pulled in front of me. A scruffy looking man got out and began walking back. I occasionally listen to the news and knew about those roadside kidnappings and highjackings, but you really have to see the Dakota to appreciate the irony of any one kidnapping someone driving her.

The man who stopped was a tired looking carpet cleaner who had just gotten off work. He had a very not-so charming worker’s accent from Australia or New Zealand or northern England. I told him I couldn’t pay him, and he just said, “I didn’t ask you for anything did I?” In less than 15 minutes he changed my tire, refused my offer of a wipe to clean his hands, advised me to add air to the spare, and drove off.

Was the Universe trying to tell me something? There was only 45 minutes to drive around Atlanta during rush hour. Maybe deciding to drive a hundred miles weekly during one of the busiest times of day to learn to meditate for inner peace and tranquility wasn’t the great idea I thought it was.

Then the skies opened up and began to pour down rain. The Universe had sent me safely across three lanes of traffic at one of the most dangerous merges of interstate, sent someone to change a tire during rush hour, and waited to rain until after said tire was changed. I had to laugh at myself as the Universe sent me a break in traffic and I pulled back onto the highway.

The rest of the trip was comparatively uneventful. I managed to find the center and wandered in the wrong door.

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  1. Wilson Hall said,

    July 5, 2010 at 12:42 PM

    Looks like you handled a Lucy moment with considerrable grace. I get the Irony. It seems you are already in touch with the moment. It never hurts to have affirmation from other enlightened folk, though, don’t you think? So, it was not a wasted trip in any sense. Namaste!


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