Losing things

Buried under too many choices

I’ve got a lot of books on the shelves around me. Here in my home office I have about 200 books on Wicca, paganism, goddess studies, women’s spirituality, organization, and self motivation. And then there’s the books on the floor-to-ceiling living room and hallway shelves, in the kitchen, on my night table and in the basket under the bed.

And one book on procrastination.

One day I’ll get around to reading them all.

I’m in the process of sorting, culling and packing most of my belongings in preparation for a move. I want to pack my books away, just not too soon. I don’t want to live with bare shelves any longer than necessary. And what if I need a book and can’t find it because I’ve packed it up! That’s actually happened I think, with one book. It was just here a few days ago and I remember thinking “Yes, that’s the book I was looking for. I’ll just move it over here where I can find it later.” Now of course I can’t locate it.

My thoughts are a lot like that sometime. I’ll have this really great idea and have nowhere to record it and think “okay, I’m repeating this to myself three times so I’ll remember it.” Then later all I can remember is that I had a really great idea and I was going to remember it and it was about …..  ah …. no, wait, it’s coming to me …. rats!

I’ve lost entire poems and stories that way and I’m sure if I could just get this recall thing down I’d be a wonderful writer and sell lots of books.

1 Comment

  1. pink said,

    August 3, 2010 at 3:41 PM

    This is just the way my life and my space work (or don’t work) as well. How DO people remember wonderful books long enough to write them down?


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