How to Prepare for Meditation.2

I got up early on Tuesday morning so that I could get all my housework totally done before my excursion to the big city. In my current living situation making even the smallest change to the rhythm of the day requires preparation and planning.

After the morning routines I check out my transportation ~ Gas  Oil  Water  Air 

I raid the Changel (the Dollar store Angel coin bank where loose change and money found in the laundry goes) for emergency funds to augment the three one-dollar bills in my wallet.

All the dishes washed, dried and put away; casserole in the oven; first load of laundry sorted and put away; second load of laundry in the dryer; bed made, dog washed … everything will be in order when I walk out the door.

This is another weirdness of mine ~ to set my house in order before leaving for almost anything. I used to only do this before long trips or weekends away. When we returned tired, hot, dirty and with unloading of a weekend’s worth of dirty laundry and camping gear to be cleaned and put away ~ a clean, tidy, well-ordered home was waiting to welcome us in.

My family put up with my obsessive washing of dishing, emptying of trash, making of beds with fresh linens, and programming of central HVAC with ill-concealed impatience to be out and on the road to our spontaneous adventure. They never realized that we could just toss things into the car and ride off to a medieval campsite with a full cooler, clean garb and camping gear at their fingertips because I planned for it. “Planned spontaneity” my counselor called it. Well of course! How else could a family with pets, plants, and a budget to manage do it!

Nowadays, with an empty nest and an empty marriage, after depression and mild agoraphobia, every trip away from my driveway must be planned. Make the bed, wash the dishes, straighten the living room, and organize the laundry. Shower, wash hair, wear clean clothing and fresh undies. What if something happened while I was out? What if my daughter or strangers came to my house? The last impression I want to make is not one of being too lazy to rinse a cup. I know, I know … it’s all a bit much.

Well, 4:30 pm approacheth and its time to start getting ready to leave at 5:30 pm. Wish me luck!

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